Travelscope Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards

About Travelscope

Created more than 30 years ago by travel journalist and broadcaster Joseph Rosendo, TRAVELSCOPE® is a multi-media organization dedicated to educating travelers about other cultures, as well as travel destinations, values and opportunities. This multiple award-winning company encompasses five major components that work in concert to provide total exposure to our viewers, listeners and readers.

  • TRAVELSCOPE® TV, now in its 8th season on Public Television, the Emmy winning series introduces viewers to other cultures worldwide, provides them with helpful information and inspires them to make their travel dreams a reality. Distributed nationally by American Public Television to more than 500 public television stations, Travelscope reaches more than 286 million viewers in the United States, Canada and countless more worldwide.

  • TRAVELSCOPE® VIDEO PRODUCTION proves that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Our experienced production team creates custom videos from 30-seconds to 10-minutes in length that are suitable for marketing and promotional uses.  Perfect for website video streaming, the videos help clients present their company, products and services in an exciting and informative way.

  • TRAVELSCOPE® POD CASTS, having evolved from Joseph’s 23 years on broadcast and cable radio, provide on-location audio documentaries, in-depth interviews, travel tips and information in a format that offers pod cast subscribers and web visitors an entertaining way to get the most out of their adventures.

  • TRAVELSCOPE® ONLINE offers access to up-to-the-minute information on the hottest worldwide travel destinations.  With the click of a mouse our web visitors can view clips of the television shows, purchase DVDs, follow Joseph’s travels via our eMagazine, pod casts and blogs, as well as create a travel experience of a lifetime through our Travel Partners.

  • TRAVELSCOPE® EMAGAZINE is a quarterly perspective on travel, food and entertainment that includes travel features, special offers, transportation news and helpful travel tips to all those hitting the road. Readers download the publication for free here.