Jon Speyers

Jon Speyers has shot and edited over 15 episodes for Travelscope. Prior to joining the team in Season Four, Jon was working extensively in adventure filmmaking and, incidentally, damaging video cameras across the United States and Europe. He was also training to compete in the world’s strongest man, growing a pony tail and drinking lots of coffee. Today, Jon still drinks a lot of coffee but breaks far fewer cameras.

“Being a part of Travelscope is fantastic! The show is unique, not only compared to other travel shows, but all television. Period.
You’ll learn a great deal and laugh like crazy watching the show – I know I do shooting it – but you’ll also be inspired to overcome prejudice and rethink the virtue of other’s lifestyles. In each show, Joseph connects with the local people in authentic, uninhibited ways and truly accepts the ‘world’s invitation to visit.’”

Jon is a graduate of Calvin College and the National Outdoor Leadership School. In addition to Travelscope, he freelances throughout Southern California and has shot for Discovery Broadcast, Adidas, American Psychological Association, Delta, Disney Consumer Products, Karen Kane, Mattel Toys, Murad, New Balance, NOLS Yukon, Red Bull, and Steelcase as well as various day-in-the-life stories with prominent NFL and NBA athletes.

Jon’s work with Travelscope is recognized with two Emmy nominations.