La Joie De Vivre in Quebec City

Posted on September 04, 2013

France is my one of my favorite travel destinations.

So, where better to have a full on Francophile experience without crossing the pond than in Quebec City, Canada?  The food, the ambiance, the history, the language and, foremost, la joie de vivre – the love of life – are so typically French.  Yet, the French culture is only one of its many pleasures.  You certainly can’t miss the amazing beauty of the city itself.  The largest walled city north of Mexico, Quebec City stands in all is glory perched on Cap Diamant, the cliffs above the St. Lawrence.  The ambience alone is so breath-taking that there is hardly time to partake of all the activities that are available whether I’m wandering through the fields and orchards of Île d’Orléans, exploring Le Marché du Vieux Port with a local chef or canoeing down a river with the first nation Wendat people.  imageYet, these activities and more pale in comparison to Quebec City’s most important gift the traveler—the chance to slow down and become a bit Quebecois and enjoy the luscious cuisine, extraordinary surroundings and delightful people.  A cozy café, a glass of Sancerre, a bowl of mussels and a chunk of French bread – c’est magnifique! C’est Quebec!

Join me as I experience La Joie De Vivre in Quebec City during Season 7 of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope which is airing now nationwide on your PBS and Public Television stations. A bientot! See you soon!

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