Season 1 Series Overview

Hosted by award-winning travel journalist Joseph Rosendo, Travelscope features Joseph’s worldwide explorations from stateside destinations such as Montana’s Glacier National Park and California’s Wine Country to distant locales in Europe, the Philippines and Malaysia. The experienced Travelscope team travels the globe to capture breathtaking footage of the world’s travel treasures and provide viewers with cultural insights and the useful information they need to make their travel dreams a reality.

Joseph, whose love of travel and foreign cultures is rooted in his Cuban heritage, has produced and hosted the syndicated Travelscope Radio show for twenty years and may also be heard on Discovery Channel Radio. “I am thankful for this opportunity to serve our audiences in a new way.  Public Television is synonymous with quality, integrity, and vision.  We feel our dedication and mission is a perfect match.” In addition, Joseph feels travel provides the missing link between cultures. We close each show with a quote from Mark Twain: ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,’ says Joseph. It’s a truth that first turned me on to travel and has kept me hooked for more than thirty years.”