Southern Ethiopia – Tribal Lands and Primeval People

Joseph’s adventure begins along the shores of Lake Abaya and Chamo, two of the lakes of the 2,400 mile Rift Valley where modern man is said to have originated. After appreciating the lakes’ fishermen, birds, crocodiles and hippos, he travels on roads that cross stretches of dry savannah and are bordered by struggling forests into the Lower Omo Valley. In the valley he has close encounters with the Konso, Hamer and Mursi people, mostly nomadic tribal people who still live untouched by modern conveniences and comforts. In the towns, markets and tribal camps he meets the people and shares in their ancient customs and ceremonies. Facing cultural obstacles and personal challenges, in this episode Joseph presents an honest look at prehistoric cultures caught in transition.

For more information on the tribes of the Omo Valley read David Turton’s article “Lip-plates and the people who take photographs”.

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