Taiwan - The Culture of Tea

The mystery and majesty of tea is explored when Joseph spotlights the culture of this royal beverage on Taiwan. During this adventure he travels to Lujang to join in the creation of traditional tea snacks, visits an Assam tea farm in Nantou, participates in a formal tea ceremony in Tainan and tops it all off with a visit to the annual Lantern Festival in Chiayi. Along the way he meets the masters of Taiwan’s pottery, tin-sculpting and lantern-making arts.

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    Tea Station

    imageTen Ren Tea Company of Taiwan is a distinguished tea manufacturer and retailer and has over 100 stores worldwide. It’s also affiliated with Ten Fu Tea in China, which operates over 1000 retail stores in China. Ten Ren Tea Company is not only dedicated to the preservation of the imageChinese tea drinking culture but also a pioneer in revitalizing the tradition. Tea Station Cafes, a subsidiary of Ten Ren Tea Company, were introduced in Southern California with a younger and more modernized spin to the traditional Chinese tea. There are currently 12 Tea Station locations serving California and Nevada. Tea Station Cafes have an amazing assortment of tea related beverages and meals catering to everyone’s taste, from the famous boba milk tea to the delightful tea snacks.  Come experience the ancient Chinese tea drinking culture in a brand new way.